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Sell my Diabetic Strips - Shipping Kit

If you have several boxes of unused and unneeded diabetic test strips at home and you simply don’t know what to do with them, we have the ideal solution! SellMyDiabeticTestStrips.com.com purchases most every brand of diabetic test strip available, and we pay cash for lancets as well. Why throw away your diabetic test strips when you can make some pretty good money for them? That is precisely what we offer, and we make the process so easy that it makes perfect sense to do it!

Diabetic test strips are used for home diabetes monitoring. Diabetes patients always need to know how their blood glucose levels are, and these strips provide a safe and relatively easy way to do it. A small amount of blood is first drawn from the skin by way of a lancet or a lancing device. The blood extracted from the skin is then applied onto a diabetic test strip, which gives an accurate reading of the patient’s blood glucose levels. Based on the readings, the patient will know when it is time to take his or her medication, or if additional medical action is required. The diabetic test strip is then discarded in a safe and sanitary manner.

Because, diabetic test strips are intended for single use only, and needed daily, most people tend to buy large quantities of them. Although most strips are used in the course of home diabetes management, many remain unused. Some patients may purchase way more strips than they will ever need, while others may no longer be considered diabetic, and therefore have no further use for the strips. In some families, the patients may have passed away, with the test strips subsequently no longer needed.

People left with boxes and boxes of diabetic test strips to deal with typically don’t know what to do with them. Most simply discard them or keep them stored indefinitely. However, SellMyDiabeticTestStrips.com.com provides a much more rewarding solution, one that could well result in some cool cash. By sending in your unused and unneeded diabetic test strips, you stand to make some pretty good money–certainly much more than you will ever make holding on to your unneeded test strips!

The process of making cash from your test strips couldn’t be any easier. All transactions come with a free shipping offer, so there is no cost to you at all. In addition, we even provide you with a convenient mailing kit, which makes sending your items in a breeze. The mailing kit is available upon request, and it includes a sturdy box in which you can pack your items securely. The box comes with a prepaid mailing label and packing tape so you could simply drop it into the post without having to pay a cent.

We pay top dollar value for most brands of diabetic test strips. If you would like to know more about this offer, or if you want to request a mailing kit, please contact is via telephone numbers 800-730-5488, 609-433-6528 (call or text), or email us at contact@SellMyDiabeticTestStrips.com.